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Year diaries

Year diaries - for your moments

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life” is a phrase often used. Perhaps without thinking about the deeper meaning of the words. So, close your eyes for a second and dream away with a year diary of your choice.

Use the diary to collect memories, experiences, thoughts, and dreams and let your daily notes become something valuable to look back on, long after the pages have been filled.

A moment of reflection

Why should you choose our year diaries and what is the benefit in writing down things that happens in your life?

Finding balance and stress-free moments during the day is something we all struggle with in different ways. As technology is ever-present and craves our attention many of us wish for a break. To be creative and to create with our hands. Writing by hand is a fantastic way to calm down an overwhelmed system and allow a moment of reflection.

In our year diaries, we’ve added that extra something to give you a writing experience beyond the ordinary. In addition to the space set aside for your daily notes, we have included several useful pages.

Diaries, Tips and ideas

Tips and Ideas

We won’t tell you how to use the diary, but a few ideas along the way might be helpful. On these pages you will find useful tips to make the most of the plain pages ahead of you. Workout log, your baby’s first year or a travel book are just a few of the possible purposes of the book.

Diaries, My Five Year Plan

My Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” is a common saying, and isn’t it true? Write down your plan for the time span of the diary – whether it is for one, three, five or ten years. Your plan can be big or small, personal or work related.

Diaries inlay, my bucket list

My Bucket List

We all have things we want to accomplish in life. Write down places you wish to travel to, challenges you want to overcome, or other things you dream to achieve. Check them off as you go by adding the date or a √ and feel mighty proud of yourself!

Diaries inlay, My life goals

My Goals

Dive deeper into your strengths and weaknesses on this page. What are you grateful for? Are there any special goals that are more important than others to you? What are your strategies for reaching your goals? Revisit this page often if you want to follow up on your progress.

In our one year diary you will also find a mood tracker and an entry for your “Best of the Day” experience.

In the end of the book, we’ve added a few extra pages for additional notes. Write down your favourite quotes or something about a special event you want to remember. It’s your journey – and it starts here.

”The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

Abraham Lincoln

Five year diary, Swedish edition, A5


Do you need the five-year diary but prefer it in English? Just like in the Swedish version, this diary has plenty of room for daily notes, your five-year plan, the bucket list, your life goals and important anniversaries. Enjoy also our extra pages for additional notes. Paper grammage 90 g/m2.

Size: 15,4 x 21,5 cm

10 year diary, Swedish edition, A5


Consider our classic 10-year diary when you want to make short daily notes in a book that will last for a long time. Perfect if you want to remember what the weather was like, or compare other events over the years. Paper grammage 90 g/m2.

Size: 15,4 x 21,5 cm

5 year diary, Swedish edition, A5


This diary gives you twice as much writing space as the 10-year diary. Ideal for when you like to make longer notes and wish for a book that lasts for several years. Paper grammage 90 g/m2.

Size: 15,4 x 21,5 cm

3 year diary, Swedish edition, A5


If you want to write more, but still have a book that lasts for more than one year, our 3-year diary is just right for you. With many lines for notes, you have plenty of room to write down both thoughts and events. Paper grammage 90 g/m2.

Size: 15,4 x 21,5 cm

1 year diary, Swedish edition, A5


Are you one of those people who always run out of lines in your regular diary? Then this is the book for you, with plenty of room for deep reflections and long descriptions of events you want to remember. Enjoy a whole page per day to fill with everything and more!

Every day includes a mood tracker, best of the day, and symbols helpful for observation of weather and daily temperatures. This 1-year diary is available in Swedish and come in five beautiful colours. Paper grammage 90 g/m2.

Size: 15,4 x 21,5 cm

Year diary, 365 Swedish edition


Are you looking for a diary that’s easy to store and bring along on your daily adventures? Our Dagbok 365 is made in the handy format 15 x 15 cm and provides you with a whole page each day for notes. We’ve also made daily space for birthdays and mood- and weather trackers. Paper grammage 90 g/m2.

Size: 15 x 15 cm

The features

Paperstyle – Swedish design made with Swedish high-quality paper. For those who love to write and sketch, often and a lot.

Textile cover

The notebook covers are made of natural, sustainable and carefully selected textile material with an impressive durability.

Matching silk page marker

Every book has a matching silk page marker to guide you to the right page.

Swedish flag

Swedish design

Paperstyle is designed in Örebro, Sweden.

Thread bound insert

All notebooks have been thread bound for long lasting use.

Age resistant paper

An age resistant paper has a good ability to resist external circumstances, it will not break down over time.

Paper grammage

The exclusive and thick Swedish paper used in our notebooks suits up for a pleasurable writing experience. Grammage 90 g/m2.

Matching headband

Our books have headbands that match perfectly to the book cover.

Acid-free paper

We use purified, acid-free paper that lasts longer and preserves its whiteness. If a paper is not acid-free it may become yellow and more fragile over time.

Product footprint CO2 Neutral

Our notebooks are produced CO2 neutrally at a carefully selected book bindery in Europe.

Cradle to Cradle Certified®
Bronze paper

Cradle to Cradle refers to an alternative model of product design where product materials are brought back to the “cradle” of the production process instead of being laid to rest in a “grave” in the ground.

FSC® certified paper

FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®. This is a non-profit agency that works to protect forests around the world. With this certification we ensure that the forests used in the production of the paper we use in our notebooks is environmentally sound.

Swedish flag

Swedish paper

The high-quality paper comes from one of the cleanest paper mills in the world, situated on the west coast of Sweden.