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We love paper

Our great passion for paper, design, quality, and details is what’s makes the Paperstyle collection special. Experience the beauty of handwriting and all the benefits that comes along.

The paper

The paper we have chosen for our notebooks is a Swedish high-quality paper that will keep its freshness for generations to come. The crème-coloured paper has a smooth surface which make writing a pleasurable experience. The recipe and thickness of the paper allow you to use fountain pens, ballpoint pens or pencil with excellent performance without bleeding through to the next page. The structure of the paper prevents the ink from feathering, something that suits everybody with high requirements. We wish you a happy writing experience and we guarantee that your notes and sketches will live for a very long time.

The cover

The high-quality paper deserves an exclusive book linen cover with a nice texture and feel to it. Our notebooks are made for daily use to last for many years, as well as an interior design decoration. We take great care in finding the perfect book linen cover made in Europe.

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The features

Paperstyle – Swedish design made with Swedish high-quality paper. For those who love to write and sketch, often and a lot. The books are available in several natural colours.

Textile cover

The notebook covers are made of natural, sustainable and carefully selected textile material with an impressive durability.

Matching silk page marker

Every book has a matching silk page marker to guide you to the right page.

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Swedish design

Paperstyle is designed in Örebro, Sweden.

Thread bound insert

All notebooks have been thread bound for long lasting use.

Age resistant paper

An age resistant paper has a good ability to resist external circumstances, it will not break down over time.

Paper grammage

The exclusive and thick Swedish paper used in our notebooks suits up for a pleasurable writing experience.

Matching headband

Our books have headbands that match perfectly to the book cover.

Acid-free paper

We use purified, acid-free paper that lasts longer and preserves its whiteness. If a paper is not acid-free it may become yellow and more fragile over time.

Product footprint CO2 Neutral

Our notebooks are produced CO2 neutrally at a carefully selected book bindery in Europe.

Cradle to Cradle Certified®
Bronze paper

Cradle to Cradle refers to an alternative model of product design where product materials are brought back to the “cradle” of the production process instead of being laid to rest in a “grave” in the ground.

FSC® certified paper

FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®. This is a non-profit agency that works to protect forests around the world. With this certification we ensure that the forests used in the production of the paper we use in our notebooks is environmentally sound.

Swedish flag

Swedish paper

The high-quality paper comes from one of the cleanest paper mills in the world, situated on the west coast of Sweden.

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